Demand Booker and Menendez Reject the Simple Majority Rule and Protect the Supreme Court

Join BlueWaveNJ and Working Families as we demand Senator Booker and Menendez Reject Senate Republicans plan to have a simple majority vote for their supreme court nominee.


Where: 1 Gateway Center, Newark, NJ 07102 We are meeting inside the reception area across from the New York Sports Club.

When: Tomorrow, February 3rd at 12:45pm

BlueWaveNJ is cosponsoring an event with Working Families to make sure that our Senators reject Senate Republicans plan to have a simple majority vote to confirm their nominee for the supreme court.

The Republican plan to allow their nominee to be confirmed with only a simple majority is an incredibly dangerous precedent to set. The 60 votes required is safe guard that keeps dangerous and unqualified judges from becoming lifetime appointees to the highest court in the land. Checks and balances are more important than ever with how the Trump administration has been operating. The Trump administration is already ignoring and powering through checks and balances we have had for generations, and this move by the Senate will only compound the constitutional crisis we are currently in.

Judge Neil Gorsuch is a dangerous nominee to the court. If he is approved, it could threaten fundamental rights in America such as reproductive rights, worker's right to organize, and immigrant rights for decades to come. Even more than that, the change in rules to a simple majority could allow many others like him on to the court.

We must not allow this to happen.

Please join BlueWaveNJ and Working Families Tomorrow January 3rd 12:45pm at 1 Gateway Center, Newark, NJ 07102 to make sure this “Nuclear Option” is not successful.


If you would like to be involved in this event please take the following actions:

  1. Join BlueWaveNJ, Working Families Alliance and other groups tomorrow as we call on Senators Booker and Menendez to stand firm and filibuster Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, outside their offices in Newark.
  2. Sign the WFA petition before 10 tomorrow morning, the petition will be delivered to the senators offices tomorrow.
  3. Bring signs focusing on the supreme court. We want to make sure our message is clear and focused on the supreme court.
    • Due to regulations in the building the signs can not have sticks attached to them.

If you are interested in carpooling, BlueWaveNJ Members will be carpooling outside 139 Union Street Montclair NJ, 07042 at 12pm.



Here is the facebook event page for the action.