Canvass For The Mid-Terms And The Environment

NJ 7 needs a Congressman who will stand up for the environment and the health of our families.

Congressman Leonard Lance falsely portrays himself as a friend of the environment and public health, but has VOTED time after time AGAINST protections for our health and the environment and sided with corporate polluters and climate deniers.  In the 2014 and 2016 Congressional sessions, Lance received a 0% rating from Clean Water Action. Join our canvassing effort to talk to pro-environmental voters  about Lance’s voting record.  Sign up below and we'll contact you with more information about meetup locations and what to bring!


  1. Removing clean water protection and endangering drinking water for 117 million Americans. (Rider to H.R. 2)
  2. Deep cuts to EPA funding. (H.R. 3354)
  3. Dumping of coal waste in our streams. (H.R. 38)
  4. Rules limiting methane pollution, a significant cause of climate change. (H.R. 3354 Amendment 73)
  5. Allowing pesticides to be sprayed into rivers, lakes and streams without a permit. (H.R. 953)
  6. Exempting water projects from environmental review. (H.R. 1654)
  7. Limiting the ability of the EPA to protect the environment and combat climate change. (Reins Act H.R. 5, H.R. 3354, Amendments 73 and 74)
  8. The nullification of dozens of Obama-administration rules without debate. (H.R. 21)
  9. Anti-science legislation that prohibits the EPA from using independent scientific research and hinders the ability of the EPA’s Science Advisory Board from advising on policy. (H.R.1430, H.R. 1431)
  10. Overturning protections for Alaskan wildlife, including allowing hibernating bears to be hunted. (H.J. Res. 69)