Leave a Comment on EPA Regulations

The government is asking for public comment on eliminating EPA regulations.

We must make our voice heard in support of the EPA and their work

The Trump Administration is looking for reasons to cut EPA regulations. We need to make our voices heard and ensure that the Trump Administration can not ignore the majority of Americans that support the vital work that the EPA and their regulations accomplish. Of course, what they're looking for are reasons to get rid of various rules. We need to flood the site with demands that they continue efforts to move away from fossil fuels and mitigate climate change.

Click Here to leave a Comment on the EPA Regulations Review

We ask you to leave a comment on the regulations link above, voicing your support of the EPA and their goals.

Here is what John Reichman, Co-Chair of the Environmental Commitee wrote:

"The Trump administration and the EPA must remain committed to the Clean Power Plan, the Paris Climate Agreement, and other regulations that limit and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Such regulations aim to protect our country and our future. It would be short-sighted and irresponsible to withdraw from these commitments. Furthermore, investing in and promoting clean energy is creating thousands of new jobs."

We can not allow this administration to irreparably damage the country and the planet.