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With the Trump administration and the GOP actively working against the American people to protect their own interests, there has never been a more important time to fight back.  The road to taking back the House runs through New Jersey. The Garden State has five Republican seats and at least four are considered flippable. These seats are vital to ensuring that we take back Congress and hold the Trump administration accountable.

For 2018, BlueWaveNJ's efforts will be focused on flipping these seats and your BlueWaveNJ membership and active support are critical if we are going to succeed.

In the last few months, BlueWaveNJ helped elect a progressive Governor while continuing our active resistance to the Trump agenda. Some of our recent activities include:
  • Helping to organize the 2018 Women's March in Morristown.
  • Hosting multiple candidate forums for Congressional candidates running in districts we can flip.
  • Attending and co-hosting rallies and protests resisting the Trump and GOP agenda
  • Organizing numerous phone parties against Trump's unfair tax proposal
  • Getting out the vote for the 2017 elections:
    • Making over 70,000 calls for Governor Murphy and other NJ progressive candidates.
    • Knocking on thousands of doors. 
    • Co-hosting town halls across the state with legislative candidates.

We will continue our efforts every day, but we can't do it alone.

With your help we will Turn The Tide and take back Congress!


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