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Action Items

Help Ensure Earned Sick And Safe Days Bill Passes

Your help is needed to ensure the NJ Earned Sick and Safe Days Bill makes it through to the Governor's desk. We are asking ALL our partners to make calls to the legislators in key committees where the bill will be heard in the next week. 

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URGENT: Action Needed On Earned Sick Leave

As you are aware, the hearing and vote on the Earned Sick and Safe Days bill (A1827 / S 2171) is set for this coming Monday (March 12th) at 10 am in Assembly Labor Committee at the NJ State House Annex (Cmte. Room 15). A press availability event and lunch will follow at 11:30 am in Cmte. Room 12, see media alert here.

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BlueWave's NJ Senate Testimony in Support of Bills to Lower Health Insurance Premiums

Last month, a pair of bills was introduced in the New Jersey Senate, designed to make health insurance sold in the state's individual market more affordable and to counter Trump administration sabotage of the Affordable Care Act. One bill would establish a reinsurance program for insurers in the individual market -- a measure other states have used successfully to hold down premiums. The other would establish a state "individual mandate" to replace the federal mandate that Republicans effectively repealed as part of their tax cut bill.  
BlueWaveNJ supports these paired bills, for reasons explained in the testimony below, which we submitted to the Senate at a March 5 hearing. The testimony is composed mainly of the personal accounts of six BlueWaveNJ members who buy their own insurance in the individual market without benefit of subsidy. All were hit hard by last year's steep premium hikes, triggered largely by an earlier round of Trump administration sabotage. Their stories highlight the urgency of staving off further rounds of premium increases.
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A grassroots, progressive organization seeking solutions through community

BlueWaveNJ has become a respected grassroots organization recognized for the know-how and energy of its thousands of committed volunteers and supporters.

Our working groups, conferences, marches and special events have mobilized voters and coalitions to demand positive change from our legislators at the state and federal level in such critical areas as health care, the economy, marriage equality, the environment, education, electoral reform and sensible gun control. We have held major conferences on gun violence, stem cell research, Middle East peace, diversity and commercial sexual exploitation of children, and our nation’s growing health care crisis. We have distributed thousands of educational flyers, circulated petitions,  and written hundreds of letters and directly lobbied legislators and officials demanding that they save Social Security, protect net neutrality, restrict corporate media concentration, promote alternative energy production, provide universal health care, promote “clean elections,” install reliable voting machines, ensure quality education for all, and pass marriage equality legislation. We have also trained thousands of volunteers who help elect progressive leaders at local, state, and national levels. 

Join us as we continue our fight in areas like electoral reform, social justice, and economic justice.