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Call to Action: Contact Governor Christie to Reject the Graham-Cassidy Proposal

New Jersey stands to lose $3.9 billion per year by 2026 under Graham-Cassidy. Tell Gov. Christie to resist this.
Republicans are making one last major push at ACA repeal and Medicaid destruction, and the odds of passage now are perhaps just as close as in July. The last of the repeal bills, Graham-Cassidy, is the worst. It block-grants and reduces federal funding for all ACA benefits and phases out all funding in 2027. It ends the Medicaid expansion and caps federal funding for all Medicaid. It takes federal funding from blue states that expanded Medicaid and redistributes it to red states in a bid for target specific senators' votes. Good overviews of the bill are here and here
Our first call is to pressure Gov. Christie to oppose this bill, since the bill's sponsors are relying in large part on amassing support from Republican governors. This bill would strip New Jersey of almost $4 billion per year in federal funding by 2026. Please call Chris Christie and demand that he defend the best thing he ever did as governor -- accept the ACA Medicaid expansion -- and defend the state against being strip-mined for the benefit of states that did nothing to expand healthcare access.
Task: Call Gov. Christie - 609-292-6000.or 609) 777-2500Feel free to use your own words, but here is a recommended call script:
I'm calling to urge Governor Christie to publicly oppose the Graham-Cassidy ACA repeal bill. The bill shifts money from states that like NJ did the right thing and expanded Medicaid to states that didn't. It would cost NJ almost $4 billion per year in federal funding by 2026 and would uninsure over 500,000 New Jerseyans. The bill's sponsors are relying on support from governors. Christie should defend his own good work in expanding Medicaid and oppose it.

Will Gov. Christie speak out against Graham-Cassidy? You don't know? Will you email me when he takes a position?
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Swing a "swing" Senator! Phone-bank this weekend to stop the ruinous Senate "healthcare" bill


Republican senators plan to reintroduce an amended version of their ACA repeal bill and vote on it next week. The bill will not only uninsure 22 million people, according to CBO forecast, but also guts long-term federal funding for all Medicaid, which insures 75 million.  

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Fight ACA repeal: Contact Friends & Family in states with Republican Senators

Word is that the Senate is within 2-3 weeks of voting on an ACA repeal bill -- crafted in darkness, but retaining the main toxic features of the AHCA:
- Phaseout of ACA Medicaid expansion (which has insured 11 million)
- Long-term gutting of federal spending on Medicaid via per capita caps (affecting 75 million enrollees)
- Weakening of ACA marketplace subsidies and protections for people with pre-existing conditions
- Repeal of ACA taxes and mandates that fund benefits
Republicans need just 50 votes (plus Pence as tiebreaker), and they have 52 senators. Since calls from non-constituents are mainly discounted, please 
Contact friends and family in states with Republican senators and ask them to call/email their senators 
(see below for most-targeted senators).
A list of all senators with contact info (searchable by state) is here:
Ask your friends & family to call on their senator(s) to reject any bill that
  1. Repeals ACA Medicaid expansion, which has enabled 11 million Americans to enroll (for expansion states, find the 
  2. Caps the federal contribution to Medicaid, which will endanger access and quality of care for 75 million Americans in Medicaid -- including  children, nursing home residents and low income seniors, the disabled and low-income adults
  3. Reduces subsidies in the private plan marketplace and weakens protections for people with pre-existing conditions
  4. Repeals the ACA taxes that fund benefits without replacing the revenue.
If targeting a specific state, you can further arm yourself or others with facts about likely coverage losses under repeal bills:
Progressive groups are targeting these Senators in particular (though any Republican is worth contacting):
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Tell The Senate ACA Talks Must Be Done In a Public Setting

The Democrats’ process for passing the Affordable Care Act in 2008-10 was certainly not perfect. But it was radically more open than this process, including 44 hearings and other public events in the Senate alone.

Republicans, by contrast, have invited select people to send feedback to an email address — 


We encourage you to send your own email!

This process must be open and transparent to the public.

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Leave a Comment on EPA Regulations

The government is asking for public comment on eliminating EPA regulations.

We must make our voice heard in support of the EPA and their work

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Tell Congressman Frelinghuysen Not to Defund the EPA

The President has proposed massive cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency that will gut the EPA's vital work. Protection of the environment has been and should remain a nonpartisan issue. Our country’s environmental challenges—including providing clean drinking water and clean air, preserving our natural resources, and combating climate change—require stepped-up action, not cutbacks.

Follow this link to sign our petition.

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Stand with BlueWaveNJ against Stephen Bannon's Influence in the White House

BlueWaveNJ Stands Firmly Against White Supremacist, Racist, and Propagandist Stephen Bannon Being in the White House.


Sign the Southern Poverty Law Center's petition below and make the calls necessary to make sure your voice is heard!

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Making Just 5 Calls Can Make a Difference!

Simply head to the 5 calls website and make your voice heard!

Turn your passive participation into active resistance. Facebook likes and Twitter retweets don't create the change you want to see.

Spend 5 minutes, make 5 calls.

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