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We have to defeat Donald Trump, flip the Senate, and keep the House in November.

When Donald Trump was elected we all feared that we would face a national crisis he would not be able to handle. Unfortunately, this has come to pass in the most horrific way possible. COVID-19 has killed over 130,000 Americans and all we see from Donald Trump and GOP is lies and deflection. They are not handling this crisis.

The stakes could not be higher for winning everything in November. 

Your support helps us:

  • Build a massive digital ad campaign targeting swing voters across key House and Senate seats.
  • Protect vulnerable newly won House seats in New Jersey.
  • Create safe and effective social distancing canvassing strategies.
  • Continue to push for safe, secure, and fair elections.
  • Defeat Donald Trump.

Support BlueWaveNJ today and together we can defeat Trump and his GOP sycophants, save our Democracy, and create a more progressive America!

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