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We need your help to cross the finish line on this election.

With just a few weeks remaining we must do everything that we can to ensure victory on November 3rd. By supporting us financially you allow us to fight every day for a better, fairer, more progressive America.

What does your support fund?

  • A phone banking effort that has made over 500,000 calls
  • A postcard campaign that has sent out over 25,000 postcards to key voters in important NJ districts
  • A digital ad campaign that targets key independent voters with highly effective non-partisan ads on health care and the environment.
  • A team that has trained hundreds of volunteers on using virtual phone banking and text banking tools.
  • A voter education effort that has reached thousands on issues such as voter registration, proper ways to fill out ballots, and New Jersey ballot questions.

More information on sponsoring our election efforts can be found here.

In addition to all of our election efforts we actively planning for what happens after the election. Whether we win or lose on November 3rd, there is a huge amount of work that has to be done. We will be ready no matter what.

Support BlueWaveNJ today and together we can defeat Trump and his GOP sycophants, save our Democracy, and create a more progressive America!

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