BlueWaveNJ Membership

BlueWaveNJ is 100% funded by members of our community. We are not beholden to any corporate interests, special interest groups, politicians, or other political insiders. The policies, candidates, and issues we support are our own choosing and we support them because we believe in more progressive policies both Statewide and National.

By supporting us financially you allow us to work towards progressive goals that will not only help New Jersey citizens, but all Americans.

In addition to supporting our organization your membership gives you the following:

  • Invitation to member only events.
  • Discount tickets to the annual BlueWaveNJ Gala.
  • Early invites to popular limited seating events.
  • Discount prices for certain events and other BlueWaveNJ activities

Membership Levels

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Individual Membership - $30


Family Membership - $50.

Please consider supporting BlueWaveNJ’s ongoing programs and 2019 Election Activities.

By becoming a Sustaining Member at one of the levels below you are helping us to help win back congress and help put New Jersey back on the right track.

Sustainer Membership – $250 


TrueBlue Membership –  $1000


Progressive Champions –  $1500


BlueWaveNJ memberships are good for one year.  You will be contacted when your membership is set to expire.