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With the support of our members we made a huge difference in the 2020 election campaign and had a significant impact on other important issues.

For The Election: 

  • Our trained volunteers made over 2 million calls to swing states
  • Over 32,000 postcards were sent to key NJ house districts and Georgia
  • Over 180,000 digital ads delivered in NJ house districts
  • Hundreds of our volunteers worked directly with congressional campaigns in NJ swing districts

Other 2020 Issues:

  • Successfully lobbied for the millionaires’ tax and a fairer NJ budget
  • Protected our post offices and ballots by organizing statewide protests
  • Successfully lobbied for Vote-by-mail elections during the pandemic
  • Continued to address police accountability and reform
  • Pushed for the Health Insurance Assessment that increased access to affordable health care for NJ ACA enrollees
  • Successfully lobbied to scrap a proposed $16 billion highway expansion and stopping NJ Transit from building a gas-fired power plant

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