BlueWaveNJ Endorses Four Democratic Incumbents and Five Democratic Challengers

In alignment with our goals, BlueWaveNJ is endorsing four incumbent and five non-incumbent candidates for New Jersey Assembly. This includes candidates in the 40th, 35th, 34th, 27th, 26th, and 25th legislative districts. 

Candidates to be Endorsed



  • Maria Cordonnier 40th LD
  • Laura Fortgang 26th LD
  • Christine Clarke 26th LD
  • Lisa Bhimani 25th LD 
  • Darcy Draeger 25th LD
  • Shavonda Sumter 35th LD
  • Britnee Timberlake 34th LD
  • Thomas Giblin 34th LD
  • Mila Jasey 27th LD 
  • John McKeon 27th LD

Endorsement Requirements

 In our endorsements we look for candidates who are knowledgeable champions for justice and fairness and who will advocate for a platform aligned with our own mission. To receive a BWNJ endorsement, all candidates must complete our questionnaire.  Several assembly candidates that fulfilled all other criteria did not complete the questionnaire.


When choosing whether to endorse a non-incumbent candidate we consider: their previous experience; their answers to our comprehensive policy questionnaire; their answers in follow up interviews; and the views and record of the current incumbents.  


When choosing whether to endorse an incumbent candidate we consider: their previous voting record, their answers to BWNJ’s comprehensive policy questionnaire, their answers in follow up interviews, and whether they have championed and sponsored legislation we supported. 

Non-Incumbents Endorsements


Maria Cordonnier in the 40th Legislative District

BlueWaveNJ has endorsed Democrat Maria Cordonnier for the New Jersey General Assembly in the 40th district. Maria is currently a councilwoman in Little Falls and a longtime supporter of BlueWaveNJ. Maria's primary goals are to improve and protect healthcare, strengthen statewide educational standards, combat and address the climate crisis that has contributed to the devastating flooding levels in her district, and protect the state’s drinking water. Maria shares BlueWaveNJ’s view that healthcare is both a right and a quality-of-life issue that can negatively impact the economy. She will make it a priority to enhance and protect the health care of her constituents via legislation at the state level. 

Laura Fortgang & Christine Clarke in the 26th Legislative District

BlueWaveNJ has endorsed Democratic candidates Christine Clarke and Laura Fortgang for Assembly in the 26th legislative district. Christine is an environmental advocate, grassroots organizer, and chair of the Jefferson Township Democratic Committee. Laura is a leadership coach, author, progressive activist, and supporter of BWNJ and the Verona township Democratic chair.  Both candidates have worked to improve the quality of life of NJ communities and are running against reactionary incumbents who threaten women’s health care and refuse to invest in education, infrastructure, or address the climate emergency. Both candidates offer unique approaches to solving NJ’s affordability crisis, the student debt crisis, improving health care, and tackling climate change. Clarke and Fortgang are committed to moving New Jersey forward and offer complementary visions toward a progressive platform that will make New Jersey stronger and fairer for all residents.

Lisa Bhimani & Darcy Draeger in the 25th Legislative District

BlueWaveNJ has endorsed Democratic candidates Lisa Bhimani and Darcy Draeger in the 25th legislative district. Lisa Bhimani is a medical doctor and OB/GYN focused on providing quality and affordable health care. Darcy Draeger is a regulatory analyst with two decades of experience in strategic planning. The candidates are focused on the state’s affordability crisis. Their priorities include: lowering property taxes through shared services and restoring the homestead deduction, protecting access and affordability of health-care services through lowering premiums and the cost of prescription drugs, passing common-sense gun-safety legislation, providing funding for public schools,  closing the gap between tipped and non-tipped workers, and fully investing in public transit. By endorsing Bhimani and Draeger, we are supporting a well-balanced team that will champion policies to improve the lives of all New Jerseyans.

Incumbent Endorsements


Shavonda Sumter in the 35th Legislative District

BlueWaveNJ proudly endorses Democratic Assemblywoman Shavonda Sumter for reelection. Assemblywoman Sumter is a dedicated ally in the fight to improve the opportunities and quality of life of all New Jerseyans, particularly the most vulnerable. The Assemblywoman has been a major advocate for issues that BWNJ has championed including pay equity, paid sick leave and a $15 minimum wage. The assemblywoman has helped improve healthcare funding, in particular, helping to pass legislation to improve the mortality rate of mothers. Based on her voting record and questionnaire answers, Assemblywoman Sumter strongly supports the issues that BWNJ is championing, including getting rid of the gap between tipped and non-tipped workers, increasing state revenues to improve long-term fiscal health, reforming the NJEDA tax incentives, restoring the constitutional right to vote for prisoners, parolees, and those on probation, improving the security of our voting machines and establishing same day registration as well as extended early voting. By endorsing Assemblywoman Sumter, we are supporting a proven progressive leader we can count on to be our advocate in Trenton.

Britnee Timberlake in the 34th Legislative District

BlueWaveNJ is delighted to endorse Democratic Assemblywoman Britnee Timberlake for reelection.  Assemblywoman Timberlake is a regular at our events and an ally in Trenton. The Assemblywoman is a major advocate for affordability in our state, tackling foreclosures and the high cost of housing to insure that developers do not displace community residents and that towns respect their affordable housing obligations. She has fought for justice and inclusion through supporting minority-owned businesses, ending the  war on drugs, and ensuring that any Marijuana legalisation provides opportunities for minority residents to participate in the industry. In addition, the Assemblywoman has supported BWNJ’s environmental goal of no new fossil fuel projects. On many of the issues that BWNJ has supported and continues to champion, Assemblywoman Timberlake has been our partner, We look forward to working with her in the future.

Thomas Giblin in the 34th Legislative District

BlueWaveNJ proudly endorses Democratic Assemblyman Thomas Giblin for the New Jersey General Assembly in the 34th district. Assemblyman Giblin is a long time Allie of BlueWaveNJ and our shared progressive vision for the state. The assemblyman's primary goals are to; address the problems of the New Jersey State Pension System, stabilize and reduce property taxes, promote job growth, encourage efficiency in state government spending, and properly fund programs that have proven to be effective. The assemblyman understands that good services are directly tied to them having funding they need. In order to meet our pension obligations, fund NJ transit, and make progress on areas like healthcare and affordable housing means we need to increase state revenues. In part asking the wealthiest to pay their fair share. The Assemblyman has been an excellent advocate for our cause, and is indispensable to persuading and communicating our vision and policy positions to party leadership in the Assembly. We look forward to our continued work with the Assemblyman.    

Mila Jasey and John McKeon in the 27th Legislative District

BlueWaveNJ strongly endorses Democratic Assembly candidates Mila Jasey and John McKeon. Assemblyman McKeon and Assemblywoman Jasey have been passionate advocates for many of the policies that BWNJ supports including  higher education funding, an environmental policy that addresses the climate reality, and a progressive tax plan that works for everyone in the state. . Both candidates have supported the Student Borrowers’ Bill of Rights, and measures to make student loans more affordable.  Both view climate change as one of the most critical issues we face and support a moratorium on new fossil fuel projects. They also understand that passing legislation to strengthen public education, improve our infrastructure, and address climate change will require additional  revenues. Consequently, they support the millionaires tax as well as other potential paths for revenue generation in our state. Both Assemblywoman Jasey and Assemblyman McKeon are invaluable to enacting a progressive agenda in Trenton and making sure that NJ policy is more equitable.