About Us

Real Results

At BlueWaveNJ we pride ourselves on achieving real results. Whether it is focusing on elections or specific legislative issues, we always strive to be as effective as possible. 

With the support of our members we made a huge difference in the 2020 election campaign and had a significant impact on other important issues.

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For The 2020 Election: 

  • Our trained volunteers made over 2 million calls to swing states
  • Over 32,000 postcards were sent to key NJ house districts and Georgia
  • Over 180,000 digital ads delivered in NJ house districts
  • Hundreds of our volunteers worked directly with congressional campaigns in NJ swing districts


Other 2020 Issues:

  • Successfully lobbied for the millionaires’ tax and a fairer NJ budget
  • Protected our post offices and ballots by organizing statewide protests
  • Successfully lobbied for Vote-by-mail elections during the pandemic
  • Continued to address police accountability and reform
  • Pushed for the Health Insurance Assessment that increased access to affordable health care for NJ ACA enrollees
  • Successfully lobbied to scrap a proposed $16 billion highway expansion and stopping NJ Transit from building a gas-fired power plant

What's Next?

This is no time to rest. With Democrats in charge of our national and state governments, we have a unique opportunity to enact positive and lasting change to address the crises we face: economic inequality; the pandemic, disparities in healthcare; institutional racism; climate change and threats to our democracy.


  • Demand the GOP and Trump be held accountable and repair the damage of the last four years
  • Lobby to include a minimum wage increase as part of the economic recovery package that just passed the Senate
  • Push for the expansion and protection of our democracy (passage of H.R.1, John Lewis Voting Rights Act, DC Statehood Act)
  • Support criminal justice reform (the SAFE Justice Act, decriminalization of cannabis)
  • Lobby for green infrastructure spending that includes mass transit
  • Advocate for Biden’s 100% clean energy by 2035 plan
  • Lobby for comprehensive prescription drug pricing reform
  • Push for universal access to affordable health care
  • Advocate for permanent paid family and sick leave
  • Advocate for a comprehensive immigration reform bill
  • Campaign for the Equality Act to ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity


  • Advocate for additional support for those most in need during this pandemic
  • Push for continued emergency aid for small businesses
  • Support long-term anti-poverty measures
  • Lobby for a moratorium on new fossil fuel projects and stronger carbon emissions regulations
  • Push for community-based justice reform
  • Support the introduction of a New Jersey baby bond program
  • Pass small “d” democracy and good government reforms including same day registration, early voting, legislative transparency, Open Public Records Act exemption removal, redistricting and ballot reform
  • Expand health care access with passage of Cover All Kids legislation and passage of the Reproductive Freedom Act.