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BlueWaveNJ Endorses LD 16 Democratic Ticket: Strong Voices for Democracy and Justice

BlueWaveNJ enthusiastically endorses the Democratic ticket in LD 16.

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Putin, Stalin and the Party of RICO

Small “d” democracy

By Mark Lurinsky.

We have just witnessed three stunning events with heavy impacts on the future of democracy and the rule of law in the world and our own country. They fell along the broad themes of crime, punishment and decline.

A Crime: The abrupt death of the mercenary leader Yevgeny Prighozen in the third week of August has corroborated much of what we already knew about the bloodthirsty reign of Russian ruler Vladimir Putin. Experts have verified that the breaking apart in mid-air of Prighozen’s private plane – visible in a dramatic televised video – was almost certainly not the result of mechanical failure. Observers around the world have commented on its similarity to the uncanny number of other suspicious, unresolved deaths, or near-deaths of prominent Russians who have run afoul of Putin, both members of that country’s fledgling democracy movement and others viewed as potential rivals to the would-be president for life. ¹

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Diplomacy - Another Reason 2024 Is Key

Small “d” democracy

By Mark Lurinsky

The New York Times has reported that the Biden administration is quietly pursuing fresh talks with the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran toward what has been called an informal “political cease-fire”.

A potential pact under discussion through the auspices of third parties, as confirmed to the Times by an Iranian official, a U.S. official and three senior Israelis, would likely include:

  • Iran freezing it’s enrichment of uranium at its current level
  • The Islamic Republic expanding its cooperation with the inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (I.A.E.A.)
  • Iran refraining from selling ballistic missiles to Russia
  • A halt to lethal attacks on U.S. contractors in Syria and Iraq by irregular forces aligned with the Iranian regime
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A grassroots, progressive organization seeking solutions through community

BlueWaveNJ has become a respected grassroots organization recognized for the know-how and energy of its thousands of committed volunteers and supporters.

Our working groups, conferences, marches and special events have mobilized voters and coalitions to demand positive change from our legislators at the state and federal level in such critical areas as health care, the economy, marriage equality, the environment, education, electoral reform and sensible gun control. We have held major conferences on gun violence, stem cell research, Middle East peace, diversity and commercial sexual exploitation of children, and our nation’s growing health care crisis. We have distributed thousands of educational flyers, circulated petitions,  and written hundreds of letters and directly lobbied legislators and officials demanding that they save Social Security, protect net neutrality, restrict corporate media concentration, promote alternative energy production, provide universal health care, promote “clean elections,” install reliable voting machines, ensure quality education for all, and pass marriage equality legislation. We have also trained thousands of volunteers who help elect progressive leaders at local, state, and national levels. 

Join us as we continue our fight in areas like electoral reform, social justice, and economic justice.