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Medicare For All (who want or need it)

Medicare for All (who want or need it): A path for presidential candidates?

By Andrew Sprung

Commitment to "Medicare for All" or something like has become something of a litmus test for Democratic candidates. There are real perils for a candidate, however, in committing to transitioning the U.S. to a single payer healthcare system in one leap. *

The tax hikes would be double-digit in a tax-averse country. Some 156 million Americans are insured through employers, and while out-of-pocket costs in employer coverage have been rising swiftly, tens of millions are wary of losing the plans they have. In Kaiser Family Foundation polling, support for "Medicare for All" collapses, from 56% in favor to 37%, when people are asked if they would support a program that raises taxes or eliminates private health insurance companies. In contrast, creating "a federal program similar to Medicare open to anyone" that would allow people to keep their current coverage is supported by 74%.

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Setting The Bar(r) too low

Small “d” democracy

Setting the Bar(r) Too Low

As I pen this blog, William Barr has just been confirmed as the second attorney general of the Trump/Pence administration, on a mainly party line Senate vote, just as most of Trump’s other judiciary and Department of Justice appointments have been.

There are a couple of arguments why, despite what we already know about Mr. Barr (and what we don’t know), a long-time corporate lawyer and former attorney general for President George H. W. Bush, even liberals and progressives might be tempted to acquiesce in this action.

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February Update

DC Trip to meet with NJ's Congressional Delegation

BlueWaveNJ went to Washington D.C. on Jan. 29 to meet with the members of the New Jersey Congressional delegation to discuss our national agenda as well as listen to their priorities. In addition to the members of our health care, environment, economic security and election reform committees, we also had a number of young people on the bus concerned about college affordability and the staggering level of student debt they and their friends have accumulated. 

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A grassroots, progressive organization seeking solutions through community

BlueWaveNJ has become a respected grassroots organization recognized for the know-how and energy of its thousands of committed volunteers and supporters.

Our working groups, conferences, marches and special events have mobilized voters and coalitions to demand positive change from our legislators at the state and federal level in such critical areas as health care, the economy, marriage equality, the environment, education, electoral reform and sensible gun control. We have held major conferences on gun violence, stem cell research, Middle East peace, diversity and commercial sexual exploitation of children, and our nation’s growing health care crisis. We have distributed thousands of educational flyers, circulated petitions,  and written hundreds of letters and directly lobbied legislators and officials demanding that they save Social Security, protect net neutrality, restrict corporate media concentration, promote alternative energy production, provide universal health care, promote “clean elections,” install reliable voting machines, ensure quality education for all, and pass marriage equality legislation. We have also trained thousands of volunteers who help elect progressive leaders at local, state, and national levels. 

Join us as we continue our fight in areas like electoral reform, social justice, and economic justice.