2019 National Priorities

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Hold Trump and the GOP Accountable

  1. Protect the special counsel
  2. Stop Congressional Republicans from continuing to damage our democracy

A Fair Economy

  1. Reinstate the SALT deductions
  2. Fair tax policy, including replacing the tax scam bill
  3. Restore workers’ rights - stop wage theft and protect union rights
  4. Equal pay for equal work
  5. Raise the minimum-wage
  6. Expand paid leave and earned sick days
  7. Protect Social Security
  8. Expand pensions
  9. Stop financial predation and strengthen the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Health Care

  1. Protect and improve the Affordable Care Act
  2. Protect and improve Medicare and Medicaid (Medicare for All)
  3. Lower drug prices
  4. Protect insured patients against "surprise" or "balance" billing
  5. Defend women’s Reproductive Rights, protect Roe versus Wade and oppose all attacks on Planned Parenthood
  6. Expand coverage and access to mental health care

Common sense gun reforms

  1. Ban high capacity gun magazines
  2. Pass universal background checks
  3. Limit firepower on the streets and reinstate the ban on assault weapons
  4. Stop gun trafficking
  5. Fund gun violence research and intervention programs
  6. Prohibit gun ownership to domestic violence abusers
  7. Pass safe storage and mandatory theft reporting laws

Defend Our Rights; Justice, Equality and Equity

  1. Reform the criminal justice system
  2. End unjust mass incarceration that especially targets people of color
  3. Ban prisons for profit
  4. Stop extreme sentencing and end the mandatory minimum sentencing
  5. Legalize marijuana and end the war on drugs campaign
  6. LGBTQI protection
    1. Passage of the Equality Act
    2. Reducing HIV/AIDS
    3. Establish a Congressional Advisory Commission on HIV/AIDS
    4. Protecting Transgender People
    5. Improving Our Commitment to LGBTQI Rights Globally
  7. Stop abusive police practices
    1. Demilitarize our police force
    2. Invest in Community Policing
    3. Community oversight
    4. Develop new rules for allowable use of force by police
    5. Fund and require body cameras and hold law enforcement officers accountable
    6. End racial profiling

Common-sense immigration reform

  1. Path to citizenship for those that have been living and working here for years
  2. Enactment of the DREAM Act and relief for Temporary Protected Status (TPS)
  3. No Wall
  4. humane treatment of immigrants and asylum seekers

Invest in green infrastructure and public transportation

  1. Federal funds for mass transit, particularly the Gateway Project
  2. Infrastructure package that would aim to restore and maintain environmental protections and labor standard
  3. Upgrade the country’s 56,000+ structurally deficient bridges
  4. Improve intercity passenger rail service
  5. Ensure railroads implement automatic braking systems and advance severe-weather resilient infrastructure

Environmental Protection and Justice

  1. Sign the Paris Accords
  2. Clean Energy :
    1. Invest in clean sustainable energy, green job development and renewable fuels that cut carbon pollution and support
    2. Moratorium on all new fossil fuel free projects including the Keystone XL
    3. End the huge subsidies that benefit fossil fuel special interests
  3. Protect Our Air and Water and Public Lands
    1. Save the Clean Power Plan and protect Clean Water Act
    2. Ban Arctic oil drilling and all offshore drilling
    3. Close the loopholes that allow the chemical, oil and gas industries to pollute our air and water
    4. Ground Act to ban future fossil fuel leases on our public lands
    5. Protect the EPA
    6. Protect our National Parks from development and drilling
    7. Reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund with full and dedicated funding
  4. Environmental Justice:
    1. Create a national environmental and climate justice plan that recognizes the heightened public health risks faced by low-income and minority communities

Defend and Strengthen Our Democracy

  1. Remove obstacles to voting
    1. Restore, protect and expand voting rights: Restore the preclearance section to the 1965 Voting Rights Act Make voting easier and limit voting requirements
    2. Provide additional funding to the states for secure election equipment
    3. Take special interest money out of politics
      1. Mandate disclosure of outside money  
      2. Establish a public financing match for small contributions
      3. Repair the Federal Elections Commission, tighten rules on super PACs
      4. Overturn Citizens United (a long term goal)
  2. Close loopholes in government ethics law
    1. Expand ban on conflicts of interest to cover presidents
    2. Require presidential candidates to make their tax returns public
    3. Prohibit Members of Congress form serving on for-profit boards
    4. End taxpayer funded settlements for office holders in cases of employee harassment
  3. Defend the right to free speech and independent media
    1. Protect Net Neutrality
  4. National Automatic Voter Registration
  5. Independent Redistricting commissions


  1. Provide state support for tuition-free community colleges
  2. Make college affordable for all
    1. Create a manageable student debt plan
    2. Strengthen public education
    3. Develop pathways to post-secondary school, quality employment