Suggestions for BlueWave 2019 priorities

1)One of the states that will be pivotal in the 2020 presidential election will be neighboring Pennsylvania. BlueWave should partner with local groups such as NJ 11th for Change and Philadelphia metro groups to increase voter registration and turnout in the southeastern areas of Pennsylvania. 2)BlueWave should work at the local level to work to flip State Senate(20') and Assembly(19') legislative seats where short and long term conditions are favorable. 3)BlueWave should also partner with other groups to fully analyze the new data received from the most recent election. Such analysis could focus on the following: -Underperforming wards/districts(low turnout, undervoting, etc) -Wards/districts with the most population/voter growth over the last few cycles. -Communities,wards,districts that are pivotal to Booker and Murphy re-elect efforts. 4)Work with groups like Sister District and NDRC to help flip legislative seats in other states and work towards fairer redistricting around the nation.