The Amended AHCA May Come to a Vote This Week

The Freedom Caucus is now officially behind the AHCA as amended largely by NJ Rep. Tom MacArthur. The amended bill allows states to opt out of providing protections to people with pre-existing conditions and leaves repeal of the Medicaid expansion and further deep cuts to Medicaid untouched. 

AHCA repeal may pass the House --soon, possibly by Friday. It's up to relative moderates like Frelinghuysen and Lance to stop it -- and they are wobbly. We need to apply maximum pressure. 

If you are in Frelinghuysen or Lance's districts, please call them (phone #s below) and urge them to reject the amended repeal bill (the American Health Care Act, or AHCA). If your rep is a Democrat,  urge them to do their utmost to block ACA repeal. Some talking points:

I urge Congressman _________ to reject the amended AHCA because it

  • Does not adequately address his stated reasons for rejecting the original version 
  • Allows states to waive essential protections for people with pre-existing conditions 
  • Still ends the ACA Medicaid expansion and eviscerates long-term federal funding for Medicaid 
  • Will still increase the ranks of the uninsured by over 20 million nationally and by a half million in New Jersey


Washington Office New Jersey Office
Frelinghuysen  202-225-5034 973-984-0711
Lance 202-225-5361 908-518-7733
Payne 202-225-4160 973-645-3213
Pascrell 202-225-5751 973-523-5152


LoBiondo 202-225-6572 609-625-5008
Smith 202-225-3765 732-780-3035
MacArthur 202-225-4765 856-267-5182


If you prefer to write, template letters are attached, one for Frelinghuysen and one for any other rep. Please adapt or replace as you see fit.
If you prefer to email your rep, contact pages are below: