BlueWaveNJ Endorses Bob Menendez For Senate

We Can Count on Menendez to fight for us in Washington.

BlueWaveNJ’s board has unanimously endorsed Senator Menendez based on his commitment to the progressive agenda and his extensive record of service to NJ.

Keeping this seat is critical in our efforts to flip the Senate.  Choosing not to vote is a vote for Hugin and for Trump’s policies.  Throughout his public career, Senator Menendez has been a consistent and effective voice for social, environmental and economic justice.

  • Senator Menendez is one of the strongest supporters of women’s rights in Congress; reintroducing the equal rights amendment year after year and cosponsoring equal pay legislation; efforts recognized with a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood. 
  • He is a champion for inclusion and justice, pushing to expand the Voting Rights Act and reform the criminal justice system.
  • Menendez has been a leader against the President’s cruel immigration policies backing the Keep Families Together Act and the REUNITE Act. 
  • On the environment, the Senator introduced legislation to permanently ban drilling and exploration in the Atlantic Ocean and force corporate polluters to pay for their environmental damage.   
  • He has fought to protect the ACA, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid from Republican attempts to gut these programs. 
  • He has worked to lower the cost of prescription drugs with the CREATES Act and the SPIKE Act. 
  • He supports public education and has introduced the America’s College Promise Act which would make two-year NJ community colleges free.
  • He has stood up to the NRA with his support for universal background checks and assault weapons ban and is proud of his F rating from the organization. 

The complete list of progressive legislation he has sponsored and supported would fill a book.

In contrast, Bob Hugin has embraced Trump’s right-wing agenda --supporting both of Trump’s nominees to the Supreme Court.  He was a Trump delegate at the 2016 Republican Convention and a donor to the right-wing Heritage Foundation.  He is so threatened by women that he fought a 13-year legal battle to keep them out of his all-male Princeton University club and stated that if a club member identified as gay, they “wouldn’t last long.” 

While Menendez worked to lower drug costs, Hugin doubled the price of his company’s life-saving cancer drug and blocked generic alternatives.    

The choice between these two candidates is clear.  Now more than ever, we need Menendez’s experience, intelligence and prodigious knowledge in the Senate.  

Please join BWNJ as we work to reelect the Senator on Nov. 6th.  Sign up for our election activities HERE

Marcia Marley

President and Founder of BlueWaveNJ