NJ 11th Canvassing August 26th

Join BlueWaveNJ As We Canvass In The 11th

Everyone is welcome to join us as help to flip the 11th. Whether you are a canvassing expert or you have never done it before, you can help make a huge difference. We will be working closely with the the NJ11 Democrats to make sure that when we go out we have a large passionate group that will have an impact.

Help Us Turn The Tide!

We will contact everyone with a meetup location and time in the 3rd and carpooling from Montclair details as the event gets closer.

August 26, 2018 at 1:00pm - 5pm
NJ 11th Congressional District
Rosalind Brown Sayda Tuanama Debra Kagan Kim Mitchell Bill Solomon Anna Condon Jacqueline Mulcey Virginia Gollin janice victor Julie Harris David Sanders Jack Goldberg Benjamin Smith Lauren Carlton Stephanie Sabetta Adam Cohen Ruby Pizzini Denise Long Achi Dosanjh dianne cohen Susan Mullins Brian Budnick Debra Mapson Janet Schiller Woody Eisenberg Laura Hoffman

Will you come?