Donald Trump Must Be Removed from Office

Yesterday, Donald Trump incited a violent insurrection by a mob of his supporters, intended to overturn our democracy. Until yesterday, Trump’s actions were aptly termed a bloodless coup. Now we need to remove the word bloodless.

We must hold the president accountable. These events once again demonstrate Trump's unfitness to remain in office even for the 13 days left in his term OR in the future. His behavior is too egregious and dangerous.  Given yesterday's attempted coup and the continuing threat to the peaceful transfer of power, we cannot just wait for Trump to leave office. This is about maintaining the rule of law over the next two weeks and signaling that mob violence to overthrow elected officials and overturn elections will not be tolerated now or in the future and those that try it will be held accountable.

If the cabinet does not invoke the 25th amendment to remove him, BlueWaveNJ joins Indivisible's call for the House and Senate to impeach and convict him. Impeachment will force Republicans to choose whether they will continue to support a would-be dictator or uphold the peaceful transfer of power. It will also prevent him from ever holding elected federal office again.

Please call our NJ Congressional delegation and demand that the president is held accountable.  We also call for an investigation into the failure of law enforcement to prepare for the violence we all feared would materialize yesterday from the president's incitement. The difference between the police presence and even accommodation of the protestors yesterday compared to their overwhelming and violent response to the peaceful protests at the capital of the killing of George Floyd is chilling. 

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