How to get involved and make a difference.

With the surprise results of last month's elections we have been flooded with requests on how everyone can get involved. While there is a lot to do in the long term to ensure the future of our country, in the short term there are some very tangible things you can do to get involved and make a difference!


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We can not let ourselves become complacent and allow our country to go down this dangerous path. By Joining BlueWaveNJ you are taking a first step into a longer commitment to staying vigilant. What has happened with this election can not be allowed to become "normal" and the only way to ensure that is for citizens to stay involved and make your voices heard. Being part of organized groups is the most effective way to ensure your voice is heard by our representatives. BlueWaveNJ has over a dozen groups that meet monthly to discuss issues that affect our country today. Join one and make your voice heard! Strength in numbers!

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Blocking Dangerous Cabinet Appointees.

We need as many people as possible contacting their Senators and telling them how strongly you feel about blocking President-Elect Trumps Cabinet selections. These selections must be approved by the senate, and we need to do everything possible to make sure that his dangerous selections are not approved. Simple follow <a href="" target="_blank">this link</a>, input your zip code and follow the links to contact your senators. A simple 5 minute phone call can make all the difference in ensuring that our representatives are representing OUR interests NOT big businesses, or worse yet, foreign interests.

Stay Up-To-Date and Informed

In this age of click bait articles, "fake news", biased stories, and even propaganda it is important now more than ever to stay informed. Find unbiased sources of news that take a real look at stories and not just a top down "shock value" headline. There are a lot of sources of news and everyone has an agenda that they are pushing for. Don't be afraid to dig deeply into a story that you read and question facts that are shown to you. Knowledge is power and the best weapon that we have against hate and special interests that are trying to take advantage of us. Here at BlueWaveNJ we have multiple groups for people to discuss, learn, contemplate and get involved in issues that matter. These are fantastic places to start if you have an issue you are knowledgeable about or are looking to become more informed on.

Knowledge is Power.

As this tumultuous time continues to develop there will be more and more ways to make a substantive impact on the future of our country. For now though, the best thing we can all do is get involved and continue to push for the things we care about. Join BlueWaveNJ today to get involved and follow us on social media to get daily updates on issues that matter.


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