Join The BlueWaveNJ GOTV Efforts And Take Back Congress!

This Last Week Will Decide Who Controls Congress!

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The stakes for this election could not be higher. As we head into the final stretch of this election season it has become clear that nothing is more important than making sure Democrats turn out. If we can mobilize and come out in strong numbers we will win this election. For the final week of this election we have a multitude of events that we are hosting and sponsoring.

GOTV Activities

  • Canvassing in NJ03 with Andy Kim.
  • Canvassing in NJ07 with Tom Malinowski.
  • Canvassing and rally in NJ11 with Mikie Sherril.
  • Handing our health care voter information cards.
  • Handing our environmental voter information cards.
  • And much more!

Our calendar has a complete list of GOTV events that you can take part in. View our calendar below to view and RSVP for our upcoming GOTV events. 

BlueWaveNJ Calendar

Essex County GOTV Rally for Mikie Sherrill

Thank You For Donating

A deep thank you to Elise Aronov for hosting a BlueWaveNJ fundraiser on Sunday night and to their many friends that made it a success. Donations from our community make what we do possible. If you would like to contribute please follow the link below: