Health Care Action


The independent Congressional Budget Organization estimates that 14 million Americans will be uninsured by 2018, 21 million by 2020 and 24 million by 2026.  Insurers will be allowed to charge five time more for older enrollees than younger ones, substantially raising premiums for older people.
No subsidies for premium assistance.  A reduction in Medicaid of $880 billion.*  We cannot allow this to happen.  THREE days from now, Republicans will try to ram this cruel and immoral piece of legislation through the House of Representatives.  

In New Jersey one Republican Congressman (Leonard Lance - NJ7) has said he will not vote for the bill as written. Make sure of it!  Two others, Republican Congressmen Tom MacArthur/ NJ3 and Frank LoBiondo/ NJ2 are on the fence. We need to do everything we can to sway their votes. So…

*  MAKE THOSE CALLS!  Call your Members of Congress every day from now until Thursday and tell them to vote NO on the American Health Care Act. You can find your Representative by clicking here or you can dial SEIU national hotline at 866-426-2631 (English) and 877-736-7831 (Spanish) to be connected to your Representative's office.
*  COME TO A VIGIL! Thousands of you have come to vigils to save our health care over the past 2 
months. This Wednesday we need to show our force and force our congressional representatives to hear our voices.
* facts taken from the independent Congressional Budget Organization