BlueWaveNJ is Looking for People to Host Events in the 7th & 11th

Help us take back NJ and the House by hosting a Turn the Tide Election event in your community.

This November we must take back the state of New Jersey for Democrats. That starts with electing Phil Murphy Governor and taking as many Assembly and State Senate seats as possible. This is an incredibly important fight that we must win.  And the fight does not end this November; come 2018 we must take back the House of Representatives.

Taking back the 7th & 11th from the Republicans is going to be a hard fight, but it is one that we can win.  Over the next fifteen months we will be working hard to make sure your district is represented by someone who shares your ideals and is ready and willing to fight against Donald Trump's dangerous and destructive policies. 

We are looking for citizens living in the 7th & 11th Congressional district who are willing to host a gathering in their home and invite their friends, families, and neighbors. These events will be small meetings where like-minded progressives can meet the Democratic candidates running in their district for NJ Assembly and Senate, sign up for election activities or trainings and discuss issues that matter to you and your community.

We are asking you to host an event and invite your friends; BlueWaveNJ will take care of the rest by arranging a visit of the candidates and providing refreshments. This is an opportunity for you and your neighbors to have your voices and concerns heard.

If you are interested in hosting one of these events please email us at [email protected] and we will work with you to plan one of these events.

Make your voice heard and make a difference!