Hugin's Latest Ad Is A Disgraceful Lie

The below is a letter written by a BlueWaveNJ member to the Star Ledger in regards to disgraceful and false advertisement put out by Bob Hugin.

Dear Editors:

I'm  outraged by latest Bob Hugin's ad dredging up completely discredited old allegations concerning Bob Menendez and under age prostitutes. These charges were investigated by the FBI and local police and shown to have been generated by paid political operatives. The Washington Post fact checker just gave this ad 4 "Pinocchios" because it is so false and defamatory.

Bob Hugin should explain his own problematic record on women's rights. He waged a years long battle to deny women access to Princeton eating clubs as a trustee and led a petition to block the university from extending antidiscrimination protections to the LGBTQ community. Hugin has also donated millions to right wing candidates who would curb women's rights. Of course, Hugin's longtime support of Trump (as a convention delegate, NJ finance chair and major contributor) also speaks to his attitude towards women.

By contrast, Bob Menedez just received a 100% score on women's issues from the bi-partisan American Association of University Women (AAUW). Sen. Menedez has introduced bills to protect women's access to birth control under the Republican assault against the ACA and voted for the Paycheck Fairness Act. He has a demonstrated record in standing up for women's rights which is why I support his re-election. Bob Hugin would be a terrible alternative.


Donna Ward

BlueWaveNJ Member