President Trump Must Be Impeached

BlueWaveNJ strongly supports the immediate initiation of impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump by the House of Representatives and asks all New Jersey representatives to support this effort.

Prior to the whistleblower revelations of last week, Democrats were split with respect to impeachment. Few, if any, Democrats did not believe that Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct, but the view of some has been that impeachment is not a good political strategy.

The whistleblower revelations, and Trump’s reaction to it, should put to rest any doubts by any Democrats of the need to start impeachment proceedings. Trump has for all practical purposes admitted to an abuse of power, if not criminal conduct, by strong-arming the government of Ukraine to provide dirt on Joe Biden while withholding congressionally authorized military aid to the Ukraine. Trump has also broken the law by not providing the whistleblower’s “urgent and credible” report to Congress. Trump’s defense to the Mueller report was that he didn’t collude with Russia because he only passively sought Russia’s help. With Ukraine, he has actively sought it.

This is a make-or-break moment for the House Democrats. The failure to begin impeachment proceedings would mean, simply, that Trump and subsequent Presidents can successfully get away with any abuse of power, no matter how blatant. This would set a precedent this nation might never recover from. Impeachment is the right thing to do, not only morally and as a matter of policy, but politically.

Track and contact the New Jersey Representatives that have not called for impeachment here.