Important Election Dates

  • Now - October 13: Registration, change of address or signature update, must be received by the Commissioner of Registration in your county or by the State Division of Elections in Trenton by 10/13/2020. Register online here. Find registration forms here.
  • First Week in October: If you have voted in every general election for 3 years or more you are an 'active voter' and a ballot will be mailed to you automatically. Otherwise, send in an application to vote by mail┬áto your County Clerk's Office. NOTE this can't be sent to Trenton. When you receive your ballot, mail it in or use the nearest drop box ASAP!
  • October 12th: If you haven't received your ballot yet call your County Clerk. Make sure you send your ballot in as early as possible!
  • October 13: Voter Registration Deadline. Voter registration, change of address, or signature update, MUST be received either by your County Commissioner of Registration, or by the Division of Elections in Trenton. Don't wait until the last minute! get your application in ASAP!
  • 7 Days Before Nov. 3: Last day for your VBM application to be received by your county clerks office.
  • November 3: ELECTION DAY!!! Polls open at 6 a.m., at least one per municipality. Voters can vote in-person on a provisional ballot and VBM ballots can be dropped off at open polling places until 8 p.m. or you can drop off your ballot at a dropbox untill 8 PM, find a dropbox here. Be sure to use a dropbox in your county.