Join The BlueWaveNJ Environmental Committee

Please join BlueWaveNJ’s environmental committee, which is doing extremely important, time sensitive work this year. We need your help and engagement.

Sign up at this link here.

Politically, on the federal level, we will be expanding the successful program we started in the 2018 mid-terms to do issue-oriented canvassing in swing districts to make sure voters know of the stark choice they have between candidates such as Tom Malinowski, Mikie Sherrill and Any Kim, who recognize the urgency of climate change, and their opponents who support the agenda of climate change deniers. Climate change advocacy can play a huge role in keeping our Congressional districts blue. 

On the State level, BlueWaveNJ is one the groups taking the lead in attempting to obtain a moratorium on all new fossil fuel projects. We have already been partly successful in having the Murphy administration agree to the regulation of greenhouse gases. However, without continued grassroots pressure there is the risk that these regulations will not be enacted in the first term and they may never get enacted if there is a change in administrations. We are organizing a hopefully enormous Earth Day rally in Morristown on April 25 to support our goals.

All of you know we cannot wait another year, month or day to take the action needed to minimize the catastrophic impact of climate change. If you want to be an effective part of that effort, please join us and sign up for our committee by March 27th. We can’t do this without you.

Sign up at this link here.