BlueWaveNJ Endorses Governor Murphy for Re-election

BlueWaveNJ’s board unanimously endorsed Governor Phil Murphy for reelection based on his extensive track record of progressive accomplishments as well as his leadership and compassion during this unprecedented crisis.  

Under Governor Murphy, New Jersey has made strides in expanding economic opportunities for working families, lowering the costs of health care, tackling longstanding racial inequities, and creating a stronger, fairer economy that works for every family.

The Governor's accomplishments include, among others:

  • Uplifting working families by moving to a $15-per-hour minimum wage, guaranteeing earned sick days, and expanding paid family leave.
  • Reducing health care costs, eliminating surprise medical bills through a state-run health care exchange, and creating the Office of Health Care Affordability and Transparency.
  • Reinstating the millionaire's tax and making the wealthiest among us pay their fair share.    
  • Enacting numerous gun safety measures to combat the scourge of gun violence.
  • Increasing access to higher education by putting an affordable college degree within reach of more students while broadening free pre-k for New Jersey families.
  • Expanding democracy by enacting automatic voter registration, early in-person voting, and restoring voting to residents on probation and parole.
  • Making New Jersey a national leader in real criminal justice reform. 
  • Passing the strongest equal pay legislation in the country and restoring funding for Planned Parenthood that Christie cut.

In addition to fulfilling almost all of his campaign promises, Governor Murphy was the first Governor since 1996 to meet his fiscal responsibilities by fully paying the state's pension obligation. 

Murphy would deserve to be reelected based on his handling of the pandemic alone.  In the beginning, New Jersey was one of the worst-hit states.  The loss of our friends and family, together with the harm to our communities, businesses, and schools were overwhelming.  Securing scarce PPE's, funneling help to small businesses and communities in need, and then rolling out vaccines to residents as quickly as possible was no easy feat. Governor Murphy did it with dignity, courage, and, most importantly, honesty.

"BlueWaveNJ is proud to endorse Governor Murphy for another four years," said BlueWaveNJ's President Marcia Marley. "His progressive record would be impressive for any governor after eight years, it is absolutely remarkable after just four. Moreover, he has led our state with grace and compassion during the most difficult period in recent history. The governor has more than earned BWNJ's endorsement, and we look forward to helping re-elect him this fall."

"BlueWaveNJ is a leading voice in New Jersey’s progressive movement, and I am honored that we will continue together on a path to create a stronger, fairer state that works for all,” said Governor Murphy. “From raising the minimum wage to lowering health care costs, our shared accomplishments have helped working families across New Jersey, and this endorsement is a significant boost to our campaign."