6 Suggestions listed below

Reinstate the SALT deduction; Stronger Gun control laws; Funding for infrastructure; Retention of and additional funding of Medicare, Funding for Climate change initiatives and re structuring of the Immigration laws. As all of these initiatives require money, when we list these as part of our platform, we must have a financial plan in hand to pay for them. If we don't, we will run the risk of people doubting them and saying that we'll pay for them by raising taxes. Honestly, we should legalize Marijuana, tax it and use the $ to help fund some of these programs. We must repeal the Trump tax cuts to help with that as well. Oh yes, and we will have a hefty deficit by then which we will have to reduce. I think by the time April 15 comes, most Americans will realize that they didn't get that much back into their pocket and be ready for the change.