See all my suggestions below.

In response to your request for suggestions on priorities on both Federal and State levels, permit me to suggest the following: A. On the Federal level, have Congress enact legislation: 1. To make the dates for presidential and midterm elections Federal holidays 2. To require all candidates for the presidency to disclose their Federal and State tax returns for at least the past 10 years 3. To re-enact the Brady bill which was allowed to lapse (in 2004) with the inclusion of a ban on bump stocks and providing for universal background checks 4. To recreate the position of special prosecutor similar to the law enacted after Watergate which was allowed to lapse 5. To enact into law the provisions of DACA 6. To allow individuals to opt into Medicare upon attaining age 50. 7. To mandate that the Social Security Administration utilize the cost-of-living index for seniors in determining cost of living increases to social security benefits 8. To mandate that the newly-elected president either divest all his business interests or place them in a blind trust 9. To reinstate the Gateway Program 10. To approve the criminal justice reform bill recently enacted by the House if not approved by the Senate in the current lame-duck session 11. To provide for equal pay for equal work to benefit women with strong enforcement provisions 12. To adopt provisions for major infrastructure projects for a 21st century America 13. To amend the Voting Rights Act to update the provisions struck down by the Supreme Court B. On the State level, enact legislation: 1. To reduce property taxes 2. To stimulate job creation 3. To facilitate the Gateway Program 4. To eliminate cash bail in criminal proceedings