Save Our Mail! Save Our Votes!

Post Office Rallies : Friday August 21

Donald Trump’s attacks and defunding of the postal system are a direct threat to the right to vote and the integrity of the election and even now are delaying Americans from getting the medicine and mail they need. We must act now to stop this attack and protect our election process.

Trump is hoping to make his false and self-serving attacks on the ability of the post office to handle mail-in voting a self-fulfilling prophecy. His new Postmaster General, Republican mega-donor Louis DeJoy, is orchestrating a general slowdown in operations, reducing the time that mechanical mail sorting machines operate, cutting overtime for postal workers and reducing delivery standards so that mail is now routinely left behind on workroom floors and loading docks.

We can’t allow this to happen. Join BlueWaveNJ and other New Jersey grassroots activists to demand that the full Postal Service funding passed by the U.S. House of Representatives be immediately enacted into law and Trump’s political appointees cease their sabotage of mail operations and prepare the postal service for the surge in mail-in ballots this fall.

Join a “Save Our Mail! Save Our Vote!” event in front of a Post Office near you. Face masks and 6-foot Social Distancing Requirements will be strictly complied with at all events.

If your group would like to be a co-sponsor or would be willing to organize a rally near you, please fill out this Google Form:

Take Action Now

Use the below link to contact your representatives in Congress and demand that the changes made by Trump and the GOP are reversed. The damage must be repaired immediately or they will succeed in their goal of harming the integrity of this upcoming election.

Find Your Representatives


Text #SaveUSPS to 50409


Many more locations are being added. Please check back daily.