Presidents Day Message

A President's Day Message From BlueWaveNJ President Marcia Marley



President Trump’s first month of executive orders, appointments and use of ‘alternative facts’ signal a full-on assault on our democracy and the constitutional rights on which we depend. Our first amendment rights, Separation of Church and State, voting rights, civil rights, the integrity of our Judicial system, women's and LGBT rights and the freedom of the press are all under siege.Tens of millions of vulnerable Americans are at risk--at risk of losing their health care, at risk of losing regulations that protect our environment and at risk of unlawful deportation that threatens to rip families apart.  


BlueWaveNJ is taking to the streets in the face of these threats and will Turn The Tide.  Ours is a cause that is just.  With other resisters and sister organizations, we are demanding that our legislators ensure that our fundamental freedoms are not destroyed and that the most vulnerable among us are protected.  These freedoms and rights are not negotiable; there is no room to falter. Our resistance is zero tolerance, and it is for the duration.  


President’s Day is about more than past presidents, it is the occasion to remember the hard-won American values and rights that our best presidents stood for, fought for and defended.  


Marcia Marley

President of BlueWaveNJ