Take Action and Stand up for DACA and Dreamers

The Trump administration has just announced that they will no longer support Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or more commonly known as DACA. This program helped over 800,000 children and young people to live and work in the United States without of fear of deportation. 

The children that DACA protects were children who were brought here when they were so young they had no choice in the matter. They have grown up here in the United States and they have no home other than the United States. We can not allow so many innocent children to suffer under our watch.

We must defend DACA. There must be permanent legislation that protects these people.

Senator Cory Booker said in a statement:

The Trump Administration has repealed DACA with a 6-month delay. That gives Congress time to act to protect Dreamers. We must now stand up for Dreamers and make our voices loud and heard.

Please join me in demanding GOP leadership allow a vote on the DREAM Act to permanently protect Dreamers from deportation.

If Congress fails to pass legislation offering protections, these Dreamers won’t be the only ones hurting -- the American economy would also see a massive $460 billion loss in GDP over the next 10 years. This is overall bad policy and a self-inflicted wound we can’t afford.

More importantly, Dreamers are our friends, neighbors, and co-workers -- and most Americans agree that protecting their legal status is the right thing to do. In fact, 78 percent of American voters support DACA recipients maintaining their legal status and providing a pathway to citizenship.

Dreamers have worked hard against overwhelming odds to try and achieve the American Dream. Now we must do our part to ensure they have the right to continue living and working hard in their communities.

Join Cory Booker demanding GOP leadership allow a vote on the DREAM Act to permanently protect Dreamers from deportation.

Here are three steps you can take NOW to #DefendDACA:

  1. Call your member of Congress NOW to demand they protect and preserve DACA. Click to get connected to your member of Congress: http://p2a.co/rcYvVgz or call 202-516-7477.
  2. Get ready to join us for rapid response actions across New Jersey on Wednesday Sept 6th. Text CaminoNJ to 52886 to get the latest updates and follow @MaketheRoadNJ.

Our friends at Make the Road New Jersey have organized many events around the state of New Jersey in the coming days to demand that congress defend DACA and the children it helps.

Wednesday Sept 6, 2017Noon
625 North Ave, Westfield, NJ
Contact: Nedia Morsy 908-967-3478
Wednesday Sept 6, 2017Noon
30 Schuyler Place, Morristown, NJ
Contact: Brian Lozano, Wind of the Spirit: 862-812-4472
Peter Rodino Federal Building 970 Broad St Newark, NJ
Wednesday September 6, 4pm
Contact: Carlos Castaneda 908-487-8148
Join hundreds of members of Make the Road New Jersey, AFSC, Defund Hate, the New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice and faith and labor partners and elected officials to defend Dreamers and demand Congress defund Trump's deportation machine.

Thursday September 7, 7pm
Community Meeting on DACA and to Plan Our Fight Back
Make the Road New Jersey
42 Broad St, Elizabeth, NJ