Racial Justice

Racial Justice

BlueWaveNJ has always (and will always) advocate for racial justice. BlueWaveNJ continues to advocate for economic justice, voting rights, and criminal justice reform. In 2022, we were proud to participate in two significant ally events.

  • THE MILLION PEOPLE’S MARCH: This nationwide event, on April 4, marked the 54th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. We endorsed the Newark march, which started at the Abraham Lincoln statue on Springfield Avenue, and ended at the MLK statue in front of the Essex County Martin Luther King Jr. Justice Building. Led by the People’s Organization for Progress and with the support of 137 ally groups, we marched in the spirit of Dr. King for:

    • The passage of voting rights laws
    • The repeal of state voter suppression laws
    • A constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to vote
    • Reopening polling places that have been recently shut down
    • An end to racist voter intimidation
    • Same-day voter registration in New Jersey
    • Police accountability and an end to police brutality
    • Reparations
    • Social and economic justice legislation
    • A living wage
    • Affordable housing
    • Health care
    • Education
    • Ending racism and poverty
    • A safe and clean environment

At the Million People’s March in Newark.

  • JUNETEENTH MARCH & RALLY FOR REPARATIONS, JUSTICE & DEMOCRACY: To mark this holiday’s commemoration of emancipation, we marched in Newark with the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice, People’s Organization for Progress, and over fifty other ally groups. Participants in the Juneteenth March & Rally drew attention to the fight for justice and democracy, voting rights, police accountability, investment in New Jersey’s youth, and repairing the harm of structural racism. In addition to marching, participants were urged to take action on three NJISJ initiatives: Democracy In A Day, Close Our Youth Prisons, and Support Police Accountability.