URGENT: Action Needed On Earned Sick Leave

As you are aware, the hearing and vote on the Earned Sick and Safe Days bill (A1827 / S 2171) is set for this coming Monday (March 12th) at 10 am in Assembly Labor Committee at the NJ State House Annex (Cmte. Room 15). A press availability event and lunch will follow at 11:30 am in Cmte. Room 12, see media alert here.

We need you to take some immediate action today! Some lobbying groups which oppose the bill are attempting to generate opposition in the Legislature or to convince legislators to agree to weakening amendments. We need your help today to generate organizational and grassroots calls to the Assembly Labor Committee members urging them to support a strong Earned Sick and Safe Days bill that provides workers the ability to earn a minimum of 9 paid sick days a year and that covers all workers in NJ, leaving no one out.  
Call the members of the Asm Labor Committee ASAP (today) and:
- Urge them to vote yes on A1827 (Lampitt), the NJ Earned Sick and Safe Days bill 
- Urge them to support a strong bill  that covers all workers in NJ and provides workers the ability to earn a minimum of 9 paid sick days a year (more preemption further below)  
- Urge then reject any weakening amendments reducing the time workers can earn, exempting certain workers, or diminishing workers ability to use accrued sick time for themselves and loved ones as defined in the bill, 
- Tell them no one should lose a day’s pay or worse, a job, over one bout of the flu,  
- The time has come to take action on this badly needed policy, and to move the bill quickly to passage.
Please make this calls asap on Friday morning and let us know what you are hearing by emailing me.
Asm Houghtaling (D) - 732-695-3371
Asm Moriarty (D) - 856-232-6700 
Asw Sumter (D) - 973-925-7061
Asw Huttle (D) - 201-541-1118
Asm Gusciora (D) - 609-571-9638
Asm Auth (R) - 862-248-0491
Asm Space (R) - 973-300-0200* (can make one call for both, in same office) 
AsmWirths (R) - 973-300-0200*  
The bill covers all New Jersey workers including the 1.2 million New Jersey workers who currently have no access to paid sick days. The vast majority of workers who lack sick days are lower earning workers whose work puts them in direct contact with others (food service, child care, elder care, etc). 
The bill allows all workers to accrue up to 72 hours of paid sick time (9 days) per year and to use it for themselves to recover from illness or family members (including spouses, civil union and domestic partners, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, parents in law, adult children, and chosen family).  
The bill also allows workers to use the time to attend meetings at a child's school related to medical and other needs of the child and it allows victims of domestic violence and sexual assault to use paid sick time to recover, relocate or handle legal concerns. 
The bill this session includes the business lobbying groups’ number one request, state pre – emption that precludes local governments from adopting paid sick days ordinances as 13 NJ municipalities already have. I / The Time to Care Coalition oppose pre emption when a bill fails to adequately extend strong and comprehensive protection to all New Jersey workers. This bill is now strong, covering everyone and provides an adequate minimum amount of paid sick time, therefore the I / the Coalition supports the bill strongly despite the pre-emption clause.