State Budget Advocacy

State Budget Advocacy

BlueWaveNJ is a member of the For the Many Budget Coalition. This coalition, led by New Jersey Policy Perspective, includes unions, advocates, and policy experts, united for the purpose of making New Jersey affordable for all — not just the wealthy and well-connected. 

As a member of the coalition, BlueWaveNJ helps set the policy agenda and campaign strategy. We also schedule, plan, and attend lobbying meetings, and direct actions and demonstrations.

In 2022, For the Many advocated for better budgeting practices, more progressive tax revenue, and a budget that would meet the fiscal needs of the moment. We needed a budget centered on improving supply chains, fighting price-gouging, and helping working families.

On April 14, For the Many hosted a public hearing about what could — and should — be done with the $3 billion left in State Federal Recovery Funds. This was a historic opportunity for lawmakers to provide immediate relief to families struggling to make ends meet and those hardest hit by the pandemic, and we made sure our voices were heard. A recording of the hearing, featuring dozens of policy experts and stakeholders, can be watched here.

In June, Governor Phil Murphy signed the state budget for 2023. The For the Many Budget Coalition applauds the budget’s investment in housing and education, getting funds to our immigrant community who are usually left out, and expanding the Child Tax Credit. As we enter 2023, there is still much to be done to address the racial wealth gap, as well as improving public transit and infrastructure in our state. 

For a good summary of the budget, see NJPP’s report. Please note that it was written before the inclusion of additional funding for the immigrant community.