Revenue from Environmental Damage Lawsuits Dedicated to Environmental Projects Amendment

I'm sure you're all aware of the importance of getting Phil Murphy elected, not only for the sake of the environment but for everything else that we care about.
You may not be aware that there is a question on the state ballot relating to a constitutional amendment to ensure that money coming in from successful environmental contamination cases is used exclusively to restore the environment and not used by weaselly politicians like Christie to plug holes in their poorly manged budgets.
It's horrifying to realize we could have had so much more money to restore the beautiful but horribly polluted Passaic River.
Please put the word out to all of your NJ friends that this Public Question will be on the ballot on Nov. 7 and that they should vote YES if they care about the environment.
If you are making calls for Phil Murphy's campaign, please explain this ballot question to the people you speak with. You never know, it might bring some people out to vote who wouldn't normally bother.