Swing a "swing" Senator! Phone-bank this weekend to stop the ruinous Senate "healthcare" bill


Republican senators plan to reintroduce an amended version of their ACA repeal bill and vote on it next week. The bill will not only uninsure 22 million people, according to CBO forecast, but also guts long-term federal funding for all Medicaid, which insures 75 million.  

Thursday afternoon, after the amended health care bill was released, Sen. Collins announced that she would vote against a motion to bring it to the floor.  While that is good news, Republicans will be wheeling and dealing furiously all week, and Collins has left the door open to approving a further amended bill. The conservative Washington Examiner reports that Collins "said she is not giving up on the measure and will work with GOP leaders to make changes."  

It remains essential to provide positive reinforcement to Collins for her opposition to the bill in its current form and to ensure that she does not waver. We will ask voters to make it clear that no bill that cuts Medicaid enrollment, Medicaid spending, or compromises protections for people with preexisting conditions is acceptable. 

The vote on this bill will be incredibly close, so we will not give up until the 51st no vote is cast.

Beat the Senate Healthcare Bill: Phone-bank to swing state voters this weekend

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We will provide a script, talking points, and the senator's phone number to give to those who agree to call.