Tomorrow We Have The Power To Take Back New Jersey

Remember Nov. 2016? Since then we have been reminded daily that elections matter.  

Well, it’s November again and tomorrow we have the power.  

Tomorrow we can take back New Jersey by electing Phil Murphy and other progressive Democrats across the state--a first step in turning back the Trump tide. 

But this can only happen if we show up. So go to the polls. Cast your vote. Make sure friends and family vote for Murphy. Talk to your neighbors. Post on social media. Volunteer to help out here.

Remember, bad politicians are elected by good people who don’t vote. We are Democrats: when we vote, we win.

Kim Guadagno was Christie’s second in command for eight long years. Together they let the state economy fall apart and handed out corporate tax breaks that did nothing for the people of New Jersey.  Now she is trying to run away from her record and distance herself from the traitorous, divisive disaster that is the Trump presidency. Yet at the same time she has adopted a page from the Trump playbook by running racist anti-immigrant ads. Just like the liar-in-chief, she peddles alternate facts and outright falsehoods.

Phil Murphy has an agenda for making New Jersey a leader in progressive policies that directly aligns with our values of fairness and justice. In addition, he has the support and leadership skills needed to implement it. Murphy’s policy platform is practical, specific and substantial. You can read about his policies to make New Jersey stronger and fairer for all New Jersey families here.  

The Christie era must end tomorrow, but that will only happen if we Get Out The Vote!  Let’s work together to ensure Victory 2017.