TODAY: Protect NJ from Disastrous Federal Tax Plan

The House of Representatives plans to vote this week on a disastrous tax proposal that would:
  • Lead to a tax hike for about 1 in 4 New Jersey families,
  • Deliver the bulk of its benefit to the state's wealthiest families
  • And tee up deep cuts to public services, programs and investments on which all New Jerseyans rely.
The good news is that 12 of New Jersey's 14 bipartisan Congressional delegation are opposed to this plan, because it would hit the Garden State harder than nearly every other state in the nation.
Can you take a few minutes to call the 2 holdouts today to ask them to put the people of New Jersey first and vote no?
Rep. Tom MacArthur: 202-225-4765 or 856-267-5182 or 732-569-6495
Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen: 202-225-5034 or 973-984-0711
These members of Congress need to hear from you, whether or not you live in their district. Please call today and ask them to stand with their 3 fellow New Jersey Republican House members against this tax proposal, which would give two-thirds of the tax cut to the wealthiest 5% of New Jerseyans while spreading just 28 percent amongst the bottom 60% of families - all while raising taxes on 27% of Garden State households by an average of $2,200 a year.


Thanks in advance for supporting a fairer tax code.
Want to be armed with the facts for your call? Check out NJPP's Reports page for 4 new short reports on the House and Senate tax plans, as well as Congressional District data on who benefits from the now-threatened state and local tax deduction.