Upcoming Election Efforts

We are working hard every day to help take back congress. These elections may be the most important mid-term elections of our lives and we will not sit on the sidelines. Join us at an event near you. We have dozens of upcoming events that you can take part in. Together we can Turn The Tide and take back Congress!

Upcoming Canvassing

September 29th

Canvass in NJ07 for Tom Malinowski

October 6th

Canvass in NJ05 for Josh Gottheimer

Canvass in NJ04 for Josh Welle

October 13th

Canvass in NJ07 for Tom Malinowski

October 14th

Canvass in NJ03 for Andy Kim

Environmental Canvassing

Join us in getting pro-environmental voters to the polls in the 3rd, 7th and 11th Congressional districts. Unlike some of the canvassing you might have done before, we will not just be talking to the Democratic base, but to low turnout Democrats, Independents and Republicans, who we have been able it identify as likely having pro-environmental views. We will be handing out literature and highlighting the extreme differences in the candidates’ positions. We did a pilot program this summer and found it to be extremely effective. We were reaching the very people we wanted to reach --sympathetic, but not highly partisan voters, who care about the environment -- and they positively responded to our message.

Sign up below and we'll contact you with more information about meetup locations and what to bring! We will also be canvassing every weekend to election day.

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Phone Banking

We have phone banking Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday in Montclair. View our calendar below to sign up for a date.

BlueWaveNJ Calendar.

Train Station Health Care Flyer Handouts

Help us distribute our Health Care voter information cards in the swing districts. Each
card contrasts the specific positions of our impressive Democratic candidate in that
district with the record and positions of their Republican opponent on the major health
care issues.

Sign up below to take part and you will be contacted with specific details. Initial
information card leafleting will be at train stations and other public spaces where we
can hit large numbers of potential voters. There are many opportunities to participate.

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