Tuesday's Primary Could Not Be More Important


Tomorrow's primary election is an incredibly important step in taking back Congress this November. We have a real chance in New Jersey to help the country get back on track by flipping up to five seats. Tomorrow's primary turnout will be a signal as to whether this is a real possibility in November.

Nathaniel Rakich of FiveThirtyEight.com said the follow:

"With five of its twelve congressional districts expected to be competitive in November, New Jersey is one of a handful of blue states that alone have enough vulnerable Republican seats that they could decide which party controls the House next year."
What this means is New Jersey could be the deciding factor in who controls the next Congress.

So what can you do?

Go out and vote tomorrow! Tell all your friends how important it is that they vote!

Democrats have to come out strong tomorrow and show that we are united in our stand against Trump and the GOP. There is too much at stake for us to be apathetic and stay home this primary.

Make your voice heard and help us Turn The Tide!

Don't know who to vote for?

Don't know where your polling place is?