BlueWaveNJ's 2021 Priorities


  • Demand the GOP and Trump be held accountable and repair the damage of the last four years
  • Lobby to include a minimum wage increase as part of the economic recovery package that just passed the Senate.
  • Push for the expansion and protection of our democracy (passage of H.R.1, John Lewis Voting Rights Act, DC Statehood Act)
  • Support criminal justice reform (the SAFE Justice Act, decriminalization of cannabis)
  • Lobby for green infrastructure spending that includes mass transit
  • Advocate for Biden’s 100% clean energy by 2035 plan
  • Lobby for comprehensive prescription drug pricing reform
  • Push for universal access to affordable health care
  • Advocate for permanent paid family and sick leave
  • Advocate for a comprehensive immigration reform bill
  • Campaign for the Equality Act to ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity


  • Work for the re-election of Governor Murphy and progressive state candidates
  • Advocate for additional support for those most in need during this pandemic
  • Push for continued emergency aid for small businesses
  • Support long-term anti-poverty measures
  • Lobby for a moratorium on new fossil fuel projects and stronger carbon emissions regulations
  • Push for community-based justice reform
  • Support the introduction of a New Jersey baby bond program
  • Pass small “d” democracy and good government reforms including same day registration, early voting, legislative transparency, Open Public Records Act exemption removal, redistricting and ballot reform
  • Expand health care access with passage of Cover All Kids legislation and passage of the Reproductive Freedom Act.