BlueWaveNJ's “Our Health Care is on the Ballot” postcards are now available!

Although much has changed since the 2018 blue wave midterm election, the importance of health care, now with the COVID crisis, has only gotten much more intense. Our postcard campaign contrasts the healthcare voting records and positions of key New Jersey Congressional races.

What’s in each packet:

  • 50 postcards, addresses, and postage stamps
  • Felt-tip marking pen
  • Postcard mailing instructions

Packets will be available for pick up at a Montclair home or delivered free in Montclair. We can ship these anywhere in the continental US for a small shipping fee.

Will You Purchase Postcards?

$50.00 Postcards + Donation
A packet of postcards and a small donation to BlueWaveNJ
$30.00 Postcards
Each packet includes 50 postcards, 50 stamps, and a felt-tipped pen
$8.00 Shipping
If you would like shipping please add a shipping charge for each packet you are purchasing.