Health Care


Protect Healthcare: the ACA, Medicaid, CHIP, Medicare, Planned Parenthood

The Health Care Committee's efforts include advocacy for:

  • Affordable healthcare--that means healthcare that, no matter what condition you have, doesn't overwhelm your household income
  • Accessible healthcare--that means you're able to find doctors & treatment you need, when you need them. Your network should have plenty of specialists, including mental health professionals, and the pharmacy formulary shouldn't charge exclude the medicine you need.
  • Comprehensive health care-- This starts with retention of all 10 Essential Health Benefits, and makes sure that insurers aren't selling coverage with holes in it that will surprise you when you need care most.

While at the same time advocating against:

  • Funding cuts which will destroy our state's budget
  • De-funding of Planned Parenthood which will restrict access to women's health services
  • Individual state Medicaid caps or block grants
  • State waivers to create their own ACA alternatives which would take away affordable, accessible, comprehensive healthcare
  • The institution of non-income based premium tax credits
  • Increasing the premium age differential which would make health insurance less affordable for those in the prime of their life

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