Health Care Flyer Handout

Join BlueWaveNJ As We Handout Our Health Care Flyers Comparing Congressional Candidates

At least since the Republican all-out assault on the Affordable Care Act last year, voters have been consistently saying that the future of American health care is one of the most important election issue to them.

We have the possibility of flipping several previously Republican-held Congressional seats in New Jersey to “blue” on November 6 if we can get out the facts. Large numbers of independents and traditional Republicans, as well as Democrats are concerned.

Help us distribute our Health Care voter information cards in the swing districts. Each card contrasts the specific positions of our impressive Democratic candidate in that district with the record and positions of their Republican opponent on the major health care issues.

Wednesday October 31st Leafleting for Bob Menendez In Clifton
Thursday November 1st Leafleting for Bob Menendez In Maplewood

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