NJ 2020 Ballot Measures

Public Question 1

Legalizes the possession and use of marijuana

BlueWaveNJ supports the legalization of marijuana. This move is good for our entire state for a wide range of reasons:

  • Prohibition has not worked and wastes public resources.
  • Arrested marijuana offenders prevents the police from focusing on real crimes.
  • Small marijuana charges have destroyed the lives of far too many Americans for no reason.
  • The rules are disproportionally enforced against minorities.
  • Legalization allows for regulation.

Learn more how Marijuana Legalization is a Racial Justice Issue from the ACLU here.

We support the passage of this ballot measure.

Public Question 2

Makes peacetime veterans eligible to receive the veterans' property tax deduction

This ballot measure will allow peacetime veterans and their surviving spouses to receive the same $250 property tax deduction as wartime veterans. Although this is not the most progressive or economically efficient way to help veterans, for example it does nothing for any veteran who rents, it is only fair that all of our veterans are treated equally.

We support the passage of this ballot measure.

Public Question 3

Delays the state legislative redistricting process and use of new districts if census data is received after February 15

This question postpones redistricting for two years during any cycle in which New Jersey does not receive new Census data by February 15.  While the public question is said to be in response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s possible impact on the U.S. Census Bureau’s timeline for delivery of new population numbers to each state, the proposal goes too far and would be permanent.

  • It makes a permanent change to a one-time problem
  • It dilutes the power of New Jersey’s diverse communities
  • It disregards the need for meaningful, substantive reform in the redistricting process

Please read this from the League of Women Voters for an in depth analysis of this ballot question.

As part of the Fair District Coalition, BWNJ is opposed to this ballot measure and recommends a no vote.