URGENT: Action Needed On Earned Sick Leave

As you are aware, the hearing and vote on the Earned Sick and Safe Days bill (A1827 / S 2171) is set for this coming Monday (March 12th) at 10 am in Assembly Labor Committee at the NJ State House Annex (Cmte. Room 15). A press availability event and lunch will follow at 11:30 am in Cmte. Room 12, see media alert here.

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BlueWave's NJ Senate Testimony in Support of Bills to Lower Health Insurance Premiums

Last month, a pair of bills was introduced in the New Jersey Senate, designed to make health insurance sold in the state's individual market more affordable and to counter Trump administration sabotage of the Affordable Care Act. One bill would establish a reinsurance program for insurers in the individual market -- a measure other states have used successfully to hold down premiums. The other would establish a state "individual mandate" to replace the federal mandate that Republicans effectively repealed as part of their tax cut bill.  
BlueWaveNJ supports these paired bills, for reasons explained in the testimony below, which we submitted to the Senate at a March 5 hearing. The testimony is composed mainly of the personal accounts of six BlueWaveNJ members who buy their own insurance in the individual market without benefit of subsidy. All were hit hard by last year's steep premium hikes, triggered largely by an earlier round of Trump administration sabotage. Their stories highlight the urgency of staving off further rounds of premium increases.
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Jay Webber's Voting Record Proves That He's Wrong For The 11th And Wrong For Congress.

Since Rodney Frelinghuysen announced his retirement earlier this year, only one Republican has announced that they will attempt to fill his seat. Jay Webber is currently the only Republican running in the 11th. We did some digging into his voting record in the Assembly to find out what kind of congressman he would make.

It is clear from his voting record that he is wrong for the 11th.

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Tax Scam Phone Banking

The horrific Republican tax cut bill is not law yet -- and may never be. Senators Susan Collins and Jeff Flake conditioned their votes on promises from Trump and McConnell that will not be honored. McCain is once again lamenting degraded Senate processes. Doug Jones could win in Alabama.

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Happy Thanksgiving To Our BlueWaveNJ Family

As we give thanks for our family, friends and the blessings of community, we would like to extend a special thanks to you — BlueWaveNJ’s extended family of activists and donors. 

Over the past year — and in the face of deeply disturbing challenges — you rolled up your sleeves and persevered. You dedicated your time, talents and resources to “Protect, Defend and Act,” and your accomplishments, both large and small, have been hard-won.

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TODAY: Protect NJ from Disastrous Federal Tax Plan

The House of Representatives plans to vote this week on a disastrous tax proposal that would:
  • Lead to a tax hike for about 1 in 4 New Jersey families,
  • Deliver the bulk of its benefit to the state's wealthiest families
  • And tee up deep cuts to public services, programs and investments on which all New Jerseyans rely.
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Tomorrow We Have The Power To Take Back New Jersey

Remember Nov. 2016? Since then we have been reminded daily that elections matter.  

Well, it’s November again and tomorrow we have the power.  

Tomorrow we can take back New Jersey by electing Phil Murphy and other progressive Democrats across the state--a first step in turning back the Trump tide. 

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I would be shocked if there is a single woman you know that hasn't been sexually harassed or assaulted.

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The Current October 16th


Wow... we’ve been busy here at BlueWaveNJ!

Read on to learn about:

  • Upcoming Opportunities for Action

  • New resources to support your activism

  • BWNJ’s Coalition Initiatives

  • Updates from our our Environment, Immigration and Health Care Committees as well as our Election Activities
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Revenue from Environmental Damage Lawsuits Dedicated to Environmental Projects Amendment

I'm sure you're all aware of the importance of getting Phil Murphy elected, not only for the sake of the environment but for everything else that we care about.
You may not be aware that there is a question on the state ballot relating to a constitutional amendment to ensure that money coming in from successful environmental contamination cases is used exclusively to restore the environment and not used by weaselly politicians like Christie to plug holes in their poorly manged budgets.
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